Renaza Resort is the only resort on Bob’s Island. The resort is divided into 3 sections. Accommodations for visitors, Dining, Diving facilities and Staff accommodations.  As the island is small and with no direct supply of electricity and water, the accommodations are limited to up to 17 guests at a time. Power is supplied by a diesel generator and water supplied via an underground well.

To get to the resort, we will pick guests from the Minangkabau International Airport, Padang, and drive them to the jetty where you will get on a private boat. The ride from the airport to the jetty is about 45 mins, depending on the traffic in Padang. From the jetty, it is 30-45 minutes boat ride to the private island.

The resort is open year round though diving sessions are normally dependent on the weather conditions.

Food is always prepared fresh and 3 meals are provided per day. There is a free flow of coffee and tea. If you are allergic to specific food, please do let us know prior to your arrival and we will try our best to assist.

Arrival in Padang: Our driver will be waiting for you at the exit from the terminal building (it can be very crowded). Our driver will be holding a White A4 landscape sign with your name on it.

Daily Meals: Generally breakfast will be served at 07:30, lunch at 12:00 and dinner at 18:30. Hot and cold water is provided with an unlimited supply of instant mix for Coffee and Tea.

Electricity: Electricity is powered by generators daily from 6pm – 6am, as such, divers are advised to charge their batteries or cameras during the stipulated time.

Diving & Flying: Please ensure you allow 24 hours between your final dive and any flight.

Travel Insurance: We strongly recommend travel insurance.