The Diving

The Diving

There are a total of 18 dive sites around the island. Most of the sites are 5-40 minutes from the island while the rest are 45-80 minutes. Location of dives all depend around the currents, weather and shipping traffic (if any).

The house reef can be accessed directly from the jetty with depths varying from 5 meters to 30 meters with the initial descend down to a sandy bottom which then gradually slopes down.

Behind the island, a site nicknamed Bob’s backside, is an amazing wall with lots of marine life and both soft and hard corals as well as large sea fans, some larger than a petite diver. Depth ranges from 18 meters to 40 meters and slopping downwards to 200 meters.

Visibility at most sites really depend on the weather (quite unpredictable) but in most cases it ranges from 10 meters to 20 meters.

The sites are teeming with fish and macro life. On a good day, the house reef i so thick with GT, you could literally push your hand through the fish.

The are couple of dive sites away from the island such as Falling Down (an amazing wall with a variety of macro life) and Manta Point. Depths vary from 15 meters to 60 meters. This makes this an ideal location to do the PADI Deep Diver course.

Our coral conservation programme is aimed to rehab sites where coral are affected due to bleaching (warmer currents coming in from the southern parts). Project AWARE is conducted regularly to clear ghost nets or discarded fishing lines. We always encourage divers to collect any rubbish, that washes off from Padang mainland, in any of our dive sites.

We do hope our conservation programmes will aid in the return of Manta and Eagle rays that were in abundance in some of the dive sites, but are now missing.